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Electron Scattering from the Ground and Excited States of Barium

Australian Journal of Physics 52(3) 603 - 619
Published: 1999


We have used the nonrelativistic convergent close-coupling (CCC) method to investigate electron scattering from the ground (6s2)1S state and excited (6s6p)1 Po1 and (6s5d)1,3De2 states of barium. For the scattering from the barium ground state, we have found very good agreement with measurements of (6s6p)1 Po1 apparent cross sections at all energies. Similarly, good agreement is found for differential cross sections for elastic scattering and (6s6p)1 Po and (6s5d)1 De2 excitations and with the (6s6p)1 Po1 state electron{photon angular correlations. For the scattering from excited states of barium we have found good agreement with elastic (6s6p)1 Po1 scattering and the (6s5d)1De2 → (6s6p)1 Po1 transition for both differential cross sections and electron–photon angular correlations.

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