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Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Volume 8 Number 4 2011

HIV and Aging

SH11110HIV and aging: an overview of an emerging issue

Sean Slavin, Julian Elliott, Christopher Fairley, Martyn French, Jennifer Hoy, Matthew Law and Sharon Lewin
pp. 449-451

Age related morbidity among people living with HIV has increased as people with the virus live longer. This introduction provides an overview of all the articles which cover a spectrum of issues including particular diseases, the science of immunosenescence and the psycho-social challenges of ageing with HIV. It considers whether a syndrome of accelerated ageing exists among people with HIV finding that evidence is currently lacking to support this theory.

SH11028 HIV infection and aging of the innate immune system

Anna C. Hearps, Thomas A. Angelovich, Anthony Jaworowski, John Mills, Alan L. Landay and Suzanne M. Crowe
pp. 453-464

Although improved treatments have led to an increased life expectancy for HIV-positive individuals, these patients remain at an increased risk of age-related diseases. Recent evidence suggests HIV may prematurely age immune cells, leading to immune dysfunction and disease. This review focuses on the impact of HIV infection on the function and ageing of innate immune cells and discusses potential drivers of premature immunosenescence.

SH11046 Life expectancy of HIV-positive adults: a review

Margaret T. May and Suzanne M. Ingle
pp. 526-533

Compared with the general population, HIV-positive individuals experience reduced life expectancy. Nevertheless, patients starting antiretroviral therapy early in the course of HIV-infection and attaining restoration of a normal CD4 count may have a near normal lifespan. Improvements in treatment imply that increasing numbers of HIV-positive individuals will live to older age. Late diagnosis and presentation to care and treatment not concordant with guidelines contribute to reducing life expectancy.

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Professor David Cooper AO, a founding Joint Editor of Sexual Health, sadly passed away on 19 March after a short illness. He was Australia’s leading HIV scientist and an internationally renowned leader whose work saved many lives. His very strong support for the journal, despite being one of the most eminent HIV scientists in the world, was incredibly impressive. Sexual Health will forever be immensely grateful for his unfailing support and his presence will be sorely missed.