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Relationship power and HIV risk among young Black MSM in the Southern United States

JaNelle Ricks , Richard Crosby , Leandro Mena


Background: The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of relationship power on HIV risk behavior among young Black MSM in the Southern US. Methods: Data from 425 Black/African American males 18-29 years who reported recent anal intercourse with a male partner were analyzed. Five selected measures of relationship power were tested for correlation and association with protected receptive anal intercourse using contingency tables and logistic regression analysis. Results: Acts of 100% protected receptive anal intercourse were common (n=277, 65.2%). Men who reported low barriers to condom negotiation were significantly more likely to report protected acts (p<.001). Men who reported 100% protected acts were less likely to report financial dependence on male sexual partners and serosorting behavior (12.0% v. 20.7%, p = 0.02; 31.5% v. 49.8%, p<.001). Conclusion: Future efforts should further examine the role of relationship power in HIV risk among young Black MSM, including the intersection of individual, dyadic and social-structure risks.

SH17084  Accepted 16 December 2017

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