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A ‘scoping review’ of qualitative literature about engagement with HIV care in Indonesia

Elan Lazuardi , Stephen Bell , Christy Newman


Background: The Indonesian response to HIV has been informed largely by quantitative evidence. This review examines what is known about the Indonesian HIV care cascade from published qualitative research. Methods: A ‘scoping review’ method was employed to synthesise and interpret the findings of 17 eligible peer-reviewed publications. Results: Qualitative findings are reported in relation to two themes. Factors influencing successful engagement include a lack of HIV-related knowledge among clients, fear of stigma or lack of privacy/confidentiality at services, limited accessibility and affordability, and poor linkages between services. Factors affecting the broader response include a failure to adapt programs to specific socio-cultural settings, political issues in the distribution of donor funding, distrust and poor communication between service users and providers, the need for cultural privacy in particular community settings, and systemic experiences of gendered stigmatisation. Conclusions: Enhancing understanding of the Indonesian context would benefit from future qualitative research on HIV care in urban settings, describing the experiences of the most at risk populations, and examining the role of clinics and providers in delivering HIV care in an increasingly decentralised health system.

SH17163  Accepted 01 January 2018

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