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Studies on the Arboreal Marsupial Fauna of Eucalypt Forests Being Harvested for Wood Pulp at Eden, N.s.w. Iii. Relationships Between Faunal Densities, Eucalypt Occurrence and Foliage Nutrients, and Soil Parent Materials.

LW Braithwaite, J Turner and J Kelly

Australian Wildlife Research 11(1) 41 - 48
Published: 1984


[See FA 45, 478-479] Felling crews provided information on the species and number of animals displaced during logging operations in 5010 ha of forest clear felled between May 1980 and Sept. 1981. Overall, 898 individuals of 8 species of glider and opossum were recorded. Geological data were also collected. The data were analysed together with published information on tree species within 22 recognizable communities and NPK concn. in Eucalptus foliage. The fauna tended to be concentrated in communities with Eucalyptus spp. with high nutrient concn. in their foliage. These communities occurred mostly on soils of one geological formation (Devonian intrusives) recognized in the district for the production of highly fertile soils.


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