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Haematology, Plasma Electrolytes and Serum Biochemical Values of Trichosurus Vulpecula (Kerr) (Marsupialia : Phalangeridae).

PJA Presidente and J Correa

Australian Journal of Zoology 29(4) 507 - 517
Published: 1981


Effects of age and sex on blood parameters in T. vulpecula were evaluated in pouch and back young, yearlings and mature animals whose ages were estimated. There were age-related changes in haemoglobin concentration, haematocrit, erythrocyte and reticulocyte counts, as well as serum total protein. Sexual dimorphisms were demonstrated in haemoglobin concentration, haematocrit and erythrocyte counts; values for males w.ere greater than those for females in yearling and mature age groups. Among lactating yearling females, those with young >3 months old had reduced body weight, haemoglobin. erythrocyte and serum total protein values. Altered neutrophil : lymphocyte ratios in differential leucocyte counts as well as elevated plasma corticosteroid and glucose values obtained from T. vulpecula in good condition indicated moderate stress associated with the methods of trapping, handling and sampling used. Variable leucocytosis; with relative or absolute neutrophilia; lymphopaenia and eosinopaenia were found in T. vulpecula in poor condition. Haemoconcentration with elevated plasma electrolytes and urea levels were consistent with their dehydrated state. Free corticosteroid levels in plasma from males were higher than those obtained from females.

© CSIRO 1981

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