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Awards and Prizes

Best Student Paper Award

To recognise and celebrate the important student contribution to zoological research in Australia and worldwide, Australian Journal of Zoology is pleased to present the Best Student Paper Award. This award is presented annually for the best publication arising from student work in the most recent volume of the journal.

The prize – comprising a certificate, a one-year print and online subscription to the journal, and a $250 book voucher from CSIRO Publishing – is awarded to the student responsible for the research described in the publication.

To be eligible for the Award, the publication must comprise original research that represents student work – i.e. research as part of a degree programme, such as honours, MSc or PhD – and must have been published within 2 years of the student completing the degree. The student should have made the primary contribution to the paper.

Nominations are invited after the last issue of each volume has been published, and are judged by a panel comprising the journal’s Editor-in-Chief and at least two other Editors. The panel assess the nominated publications on their international impact in zoological research using Australasian animals, on the basis of reviewers’ reports, and on the nominator’s justification for why the publication is worthy of the Award.


  • 2015: Michael W. Klunzinger
    Range decline and conservation status of Westralunio carteri Iredale, 1934 (Bivalvia : Hyriidae) from south-western Australia
    Michael W. Klunzinger, Stephen J. Beatty, David L. Morgan, Adrian M. Pinder and Alan J. Lymbery
    pp. 127-135
    Full Text

  • 2014: Natasha J. Wilson
    Predation of two common native frog species (Litoria ewingi and Crinia signifera) by freshwater invertebrates
    Natasha J. Wilson, Jamie E. Seymour and Craig R. Williams
    pp. 483-490
    Full Text

  • 2013: Matthew L. Brien
    Intra- and interspecific agonistic behaviour in hatchling Australian freshwater crocodiles (Crocodylus johnstoni) and saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus)
    Matthew L. Brien, Grahame J. Webb, Jeffrey W. Lang and Keith A. Christian
    pp. 196-205
    Full Text

  • 2012: Michael G. Sale
    Inflated population density of island antechinus: a case of allochthonous marine inputs leading to increased food availability?
    M. G. Sale and J. P. Y. Arnould
    pp. 343-351
    Full Text

  • 2011: Rohan J. Bilney
    Reversed sexual dimorphism and altered prey base: the effect on sooty owl (Tyto tenebricosa tenebricosa)
    Rohan J. Bilney, John G. White and Raylene Cooke
    pp. 302-311
    Full Text