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Parasites of the Millipede Ommatoiulus Moreletii (Lucus) (Diplopoda: Iulidae) in Portugal, and Their Potential as Biological Control Agents in Australia.

GH Baker

Australian Journal of Zoology 33(1) 23 - 32
Published: 1985


The millipede Ommatoiulus moreletii (Lucas) is an introduced nuisance pest in Australia. A survey of the parasites of O. moreletii in its country of origin, Portugal, is reported, and the potential of two, a nematomorphan worm Gordius sp. (Nematomorpha:Gordiodae) and a muscoid fly Eginia sp. (Diptera:Eginiidae), as biological control agents for use in Australia are discussed. Gordius sp. parasitized a maximum of 28.7% of O. moreletii of stadium 9 and older in a Ulex densus-Quercus coccifera shrubland. Gordius sp. castrated its male hosts and inhibited the development of mature eggs in females. Eginia sp. parasitized a maximum of 32.3% of 0. moreletii of stadium 8 and older in a Pinus spp. woodland. The incidence of parasitism by Eginia sp. increased with the stadia1 age of O. moreletii. Ectoparasitic mites (Acari) and oxyurid nematodes (Nematoda) were common on and in O. moreletii but are unlikely to be useful as biological control agents.

© CSIRO 1985

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