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The Antenatal Ward Care Delivery Map :A Team Model Approach

Christopher Dickinson and Marina Noud

Australian Health Review 23(3) 68 - 77
Published: 2000


We begin by defining the concept of a 'CareMap', before briefly examining the context in which CareMaps emerged,as well as both their potential applications and the benefits arising from their implementation in health care services.We identify and discuss the history of, and critical aspects involved in, the development of the Antenatal Ward CareDelivery Map for the Mater Mothers' Hospital, Brisbane. We will address the multiple applications of, and specificbenefits arising from, the formulation and implementation of the Antenatal Ward Care Delivery Map. Additionally,the relationship between the Care Delivery Map and other projects aimed at enhancing and maintaining highquality service delivery for patients across the continuum of care, will be explored. We examine the benefits of utilisingthe Care Delivery Map in professional education for clinical staff, as well as for health care consumers and theirfamilies. In conclusion, future projects enabled through the development of the Care Delivery Map are identified, aswell as areas requiring further research.

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