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An assessment of the needs of oncology outpatients for the development of Allied Health Services

Pam McGrath, Veronica Corcoran and Angela O'Malia

Australian Health Review 23(2) 134 - 151
Published: 2000


This article presents the findings of a study that arose out of the desire by the Allied Health Professionals(AHP) at the Mater Hospital, Brisbane, to better understand the needs of their clients in order to beable to offer a more effective and appropriate service. A questionnaire designed specifically to explorethe needs of patients and their families for AHP services was administered to consecutive patients(n=62) attending the Mater out-patient oncology clinic during one month. The findings provide awealth of practical information for AHPs to use in planning for the effective utilisation of their services,as well as fresh insights into a number of theoretical issues that need further research.

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