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Cost-analysis of gym-based versus home-based cardiac rehabilitation programs

Louisa Collins, Paul Scuffham and Sue Gargett

Australian Health Review 24(1) 51 - 61
Published: 2001


A cost-analysis of an existing gym-based program was compared with a proposed home-based program for deliveringcardiac rehabilitation services in West Moreton, Queensland. Cost and baseline data were collected on 95 cardiacrehabilitation patients living in Ipswich and West Moreton. Cost data included costs to the program funders andpatients. The average cost per patient rehabilitated was $1,933 in the gym-based program and $1,169 in the home-basedprogram. Adopting the lower cost home-based program would allow the services to be provided to many morepatients. The relevance of home-based rehabilitation programs for rural patients facing barriers accessing traditionalhospital- or gym-based programs is significant.

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