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Challenges associated with implementing an education program in a residential aged care setting

Helen Edwards, Helen Chapman, Elizabeth Forster, Deanne Gaskill, Paul Morrison and Fran Sanders

Australian Health Review 26(3) 107 - 115
Published: 2003


The link between independence and well-being of older people in residential care is well established. This paper reportssome challenges encountered during implementation of an education program designed to assist nursing staff to adoptan independence-supporting model of residential care. The education program was part of a larger project aimed atdeveloping an example of best practice in supported care which promotes independence, well-being and communitylinkages. Implementation of the program created many interesting challenges which were overcome by strategies andfacilitating forces such as support from management and some staff, and the collaborative nature of the project. Positiveoutcomes of the education program included increased awareness of, and change in, practice; increased staff-residentinteraction; and increased encouragement for residents to be independent and to engage with the wider community.Moreover, a facilitator manual - Promoting Independence: A Learning Resource for Aged Care Workers wassubsequently developed so that the program can be implemented in aged care facilities elsewhere.

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