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Promoting evidence-based practice in population health at the local level: a case study in workforce capacity development

Michelle L Maxwell, Armita Adily and Jeanette E Ward

Australian Health Review 31(3) 422 - 429
Published: 2007


This paper describes a service-based initiative to enhance capacity for evidence-based practice (EBP) in the South Western Sydney Area Health Service Division of Population Health. A working group planned an organisational response to a customised EBP needs assessment using the New South Wales Department of Health?s framework for capacity building focussing on five key action areas; organisational development, workforce development, resource allocation, leadership and partnerships. Innovative strategies to promote EBP were developed and implemented and on-site training programs that targeted specific groups of staff were conducted. Because there was commitment and leadership from senior staff for the initiative, a comprehensive approach to building capacity for EBP in population health was possible. Evidence of impact needs to be collected in the future.

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