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Changing shape: workforce and the implementation of Aboriginal health policy

Jane E Lloyd, Marilyn J Wise and Tarun Weeramanthri

Australian Health Review 32(1) 174 - 185
Published: 2008


Thirty-five interviews were conducted in a case study on the implementation of the Northern Territory Preventable Chronic Disease Strategy (PCDS) to explore the role of the health workforce in the implementation of Aboriginal health policy. There was a tendency for the workforce to implement those aspects of the policy that drew on existing skills in treatment and management and to avoid or delay implementation that required the acquisition of new skills in primary prevention. Factors that facilitated the implementation of the PCDS included the addition of new resources, employment of additional staff, training, increased commitment from managers, and the creation of dedicated chronic disease positions. Factors impeding implementation included insufficient numbers of service providers, too little support for current Aboriginal Health Workers, and high staff turnover.

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