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The research and educational priorities of rural occupational therapists

John Daly, Lynne Adamson and Esther Chang

Australian Health Review 20(1) 129 - 138
Published: 1997


The aim of this pilot research project was to identify the research and educationalpriorities of occupational therapists practising in rural New South Wales. Eightparticipants were recruited in the south-western region of the State. The Delphitechnique was used to obtain the most reliable consensus of the research participants.Priorities emerged in four designated areas: (1) research that would be of value toclients; (2) research that would be of value in providing community care for clients;(3) research that would be of value in facilitating health promotion and diseaseprevention; and (4) research that would be of value to professional and educationalneeds. In the final phase of the study, 23 high priorities were identified. The findingsof the study suggest directions for research and continuing education in occupationaltherapy which may benefit rural practitioners and their clients.

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