Guide to Squid, Cuttlefish and Octopuses of Australasia

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Provides insights into the biology and behaviour of more than 60 species – from the Giant Squid to the deadly Blue-ringed Octopus.

The Australasian region is home to the greatest diversity of cephalopods — squid, cuttlefish, octopuses — in the world. Yet, we know very little about these fascinating marine animals. + Full description

This book provides insights into the biology and behaviour of more than 60 species. From the Giant Squid to the deadly Blue-ringed Octopus, the secret lives of cephalopods are revealed in a highly readable form with outstanding colour images and informative text.

For each species there is a distribution map and identification notes which summarise the main features to look for. While the book focuses on species found in relatively shallow coastal waters, a few of the more bizarre deeper-water species are included.

Naturalists, divers, reef-walkers and anglers will find the book authoritative, yet very easy to use. A comprehensive section illustrating cuttlebones will enable beachcombers to identify most of the species they are likely to encounter.

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No longer available in a print edition.


‘This book is the first illustrated summary of our cephalopod fauna. In this Olympic year it deserves a gold medal for opening our eyes to an amazing and hitherto hidden element of our marine fauna.’
Bill Rudman, Australian Museum (Nature Australia Summer 2000-2001)


ePDF | May 2000
ISBN: 9780643101098
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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What are cephalopods?
Evolution of cephalopods
Cephalopods today
The main cephalopod groups

  • Chambered Nautiluses
  • Cuttlefish, Bobtail Squid and their Allies
  • Squid
  • Vampire Squid
  • Octopuses