Oecophorine Genera of Australia III

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This volume completes the revision of the oecophorine genera of Australia.

This volume completes the revision of the oecophorine genera of Australia, a subfamily which has diversified enormously in this country and represents some 20% of the Australian lepidoptera. + Full description

The generic revision of the Australian Oecophorinae, continued in this third volume, includes the large Barea group of genera, the small Tisobarica group, some genera previously omitted in the first two volumes from the Wingia and Chezala groups, and some miscellaneous genera of unknown relationship. This volume deals with 96 genera, 73 of which are referred to the Barea group, two to the Tisobarica group, four to the Wingia and Chezala groups, and 17 to the group of unplaced genera. As in the first two volumes, nearly all of the genera are endemic.

An account of the morphology of each genus is provided, including the genitalia of both sexes, illustrated by 772 photographs of mounted and live adults and genitalia of type species or representative species, SEMs of the heads of most of the type species, as well as line drawings of the wing venation. The species referred to each genus are given, with full synonymy, original references, label data and repositories of the primary types; where necessary, lectotypes are designated. Available up-to-date information on the distribution, biology and host relationships of the larvae is provided, as well as a key to the genera of the Barea group.

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ePDF | June 2000
ISBN: 9780643105157
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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Material and Methods

  • Phylogeny of the Barea Group of Genera
  • Morphology
  • Biology
  • Diversity and Distribution
  • Australian Genera of the Barea Group of Oecophorinae

  • Unplaced Species of the Barea Group of Genera
  • Australian Genera of the Tisobarica Group of Oecophorinae
  • Genera Omitted from Previous Groups of Oecophorinae
  • Unplaced Genera Previously Referred to Oecophoridae
  • Unplaced Species Previously Referred to Oecophoridae
  • References
  • Index to Lepidoptera Names
  • Index to Plant Names