Pests of Field Crops and Pastures

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A comprehensive handbook on Australian economic entomology for field crops and pastures.

This comprehensive handbook on economic entomology for Australian field crops and pastures is the first of its kind. It encompasses pests and beneficial insects as well as allied forms of importance in Australian agriculture. + Full description

Organised by commodities – such as cereals, sugar and tropical pasture legumes – it examines all the pest species for a particular commodity across Australia. Identification, distribution, damage, host range, biology, risk period and monitoring techniques are described for each entry, accompanied by useful illustrations. The book also describes introduced biological control agents that effectively control crop pests.

Pests of Field Crops and Pastures will be a useful tool in crop management for progressive farmers, agronomists, agricultural consultants and academics alike.

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“This book is clearly presented and written in simple easy to understand language. For anyone working or interested in the field of crop management and the control of the many pests that favour our system of broad scale monoculture this will be a truly valuable reference.”
R.G Richardson, Plant Protection Quarterly, Vol. 23, 2008


ePDF | October 2007
ISBN: 9780643095328
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Covers all significant field crops, legumes and grasses in Australia
  • Tables show the various product growth periods at which the insect is most active
  • Profusely illustrated with colour photographs and line drawings


All the 40 authors contributing to this book have many years’ field experience of managing insects and allied forms in Australian field crops and/or pastures. They are biologists who, through field experience in crop and pasture agro-ecosystems, have developed practical strategies for applying integrated pest management and biological control techniques in Australian agriculture.