Australian Fish Farmer

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A practical guide that covers important aspects of aquaculture including nutrition, breeding, fish health, harvesting and marketing.

This is a practical guide for people in the aquaculture industry and for those about to enter it. Australian Fish Farmer covers current as well as potential aquaculture industries and provides practical skills that will allow people to solve everyday problems in the day-to-day management of aquatic stock. + Full description

This new edition reflects the considerable advances in technology, farming methods and commercial development. These aspects and more have been included in the revised edition, which also deals with financial and administrative management to provide the reader with sufficient information to operate a successful venture. The authors have drawn on their experience of designing and conducting aquaculture training programs and incorporated feedback, to ensure this publication is relevant and practical to Australian fish farmers.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"This is nuts and bolts guide for every Australian fish farmer. . . The extensive coverage of industry know-how in Australian Fish Farmer is enough to kickstart any promising fisherman into aquaculture."
Sophie Elsworth and Kelly Stevenson (The Weekly Times, 9 June 2004)

Australian Fish Farmer is an important resource for those interested in or practicing aquaculture. This book covers where few others dare.”
David Glendenning, Aquatic Answers Consultancy Services

Australian Fish Farmer provides a step-by-step guide through the Australian aquaculture industry. The book is based on the authors' extensive knowledge of the industry, and is written in plain, easy to read language. The book differs from many other books on aquaculture in that it gives the facts about the industry but it also goes to great lengths to describe the pitfalls as well, enabling the reader to gain a more realistic insight into the industry. This book is essential reading for all prospective and novice fish farmers.”
Dr Alistair Brown, Aquatic Veterinary Services

“… while it is essentially an Australian handbook, it will provide good reading and important information for readers in any other parts of the world. The book does what it sets out to do: advise readers of the opportunities that aquaculture presents, alert them to the pitfalls; and so inform and instruct them that they have confidence in their ability to make sound decisions.”
David Scarratt (Hatchery International Jan/Feb 2005)


ePDF | May 2004
ISBN: 9780643091023
Publisher: Landlinks Press
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Chapter 1. What makes aquaculture work?
Chapter 2. Aquaculture production systems
Chapter 3. The five stages of a fish’s life
Chapter 4. Aquaculture categories
Chapter 5. The first step – the acquisition of knowledge
Chapter 6. Water quality
Chapter 7. The environment - temperature
Chapter 8. Fish husbandry
Chapter 9. Nutrition
Chapter 10. Site selection
Chapter 11. System design
Chapter 12. Aquaculture hardware and infrastructure
Chapter 13. Stocking and handling seedstock
Chapter 14. Breeding
Chapter 15. Fish health
Chapter 16. Predators and pests
Chapter 17. Harvesting
Chapter 18. Post-harvest handling
Chapter 19. Marketing
Chapter 20. Getting started: choosing the right option
Chapter 21. The law
Chapter 22. Management and administration
Chapter 23. Species
Chapter 24. Epilogue Glossary