Catalogue of the Smaller Arachnid Orders of the World

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Contains a valuable summary of bibliographic information, enabling readers to access the worldwide literature for these smaller orders.

This authoritative catalogue will greatly assist readers in finding the correct taxonomic name for any given family, genus or species within each of the six arachnid orders treated. It contains a valuable summary of bibliographic information, enabling readers to access the worldwide literature for these smaller orders. + Full description

The catalogue presents full bibliographic data on each of the taxa named thus far, treating over 1600 species. It contains the most current classification system for each group, some of which have not been catalogued on a world scale for over 70 years. A summary of taxonomic changes is included.

This quality reference will be of immense value to arachnologists, systematists, taxonomists, ecologists and biodiversity professionals, especially those interested in tropical rainforest communities.

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"Mark Harvey’s Catalogue of the Smaller Arachnid Orders of the World is an invaluable resource for arachnid systematics which complements the existing catalogues for spiders, scorpions and pseudoscorpions. This comprehensive work is produced to the highest standards and provides a complete and up-to-date list of valid names, citations, synonyms and homonyms for the less familiar arachnid groups. It will clearly be of major benefit to those working on arachnid taxonomy and should prove a major stimulus to further work on the systematics of these often neglected animals."
Dr Jason A Dunlop, Berlin
Curator of Arachnids,
Secretary of the International Society of Arachnology

"Mark Harvey has once again produced a volume that will be enormously useful to arachnologists around the world. The arachnid orders covered by this catalog loom large in all attempts to deal with biodiversity, and include some of the most interesting of all arthropods. This volume provides an easy and authoritative portal into the existing knowledge of these fascinating creatures."
Dr. Norman I Platnick
American Museum of Natural History

". . . it is an essential purchase for systematics in these groups, as well as for any well-stocked zoological library."
Paul Selden (Newsletter of the British Arachnology Society no.99, 2004)

". . . it is an essential addition to the library of all arachnologists. It will also be invaluable to those involved in biodiversity studies worldwide by clarifying the current taxonomic position of these important arthropod taxa and providing a reliable bibliographic resource."
Dr Tracey Churchill, Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, Australia (Australasian Arachnology no.68, 2004)


ePDF | June 2003
ISBN: 9780643090071
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Authoritative, comprehensive, worldwide resource
  • Full taxonomic listing for all species of six arachnid orders
  • Complete bibliographic compendium for each order


Order Amblypygi
Order Uropygi
Order Schizomida
Order Palpigradi
Order Ricinulei
Order Solifugae


Dr Mark Harvey is Senior Curator of Arachnology at the Western Australian Museum and one of the world’s leading authorities on arachnid systematics. He is the author of numerous papers and monographs on many different arachnid groups, and an editor of the Journal of Arachnology.