Small Cattle for Small Farms

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Provides practical and easy-to-understand information for people interested in keeping small cattle for a range of reasons.

Small cattle breeds are manageable to control and care for and perfect for lifestyle blocks and small farms. They can be bred commercially for beef but their docile temperaments and small size also make them especially suitable for hobby farms. As more people have turned to the country for a 'tree change', interest in these breeds has grown tremendously. + Full description

In this new edition of her popular book Small Cattle for Small Farms, award-winning cattle breeder Margo Hayes provides practical and easy-to-understand information for people interested in keeping small cattle for a range of reasons. The book assumes no prior experience with cattle and covers all the basics to help you set up an enjoyable and viable small farm, including: types of cattle and production systems available, how to select your stock, explanations of equipment required and basic cattle husbandry. It contains simple explanatory diagrams and photographs to make new concepts clear.

With new and expanded sections on small cattle breeds, genetics and breeding systems, this second edition competently addresses questions asked by those entering small farming for the first time while providing a solid reference for those already in the industry. Detailed guidelines for raising healthy cattle through good nutrition, land management and herd monitoring are provided, in addition to tips for showing and marketing your cattle and up-to-date government requirements for land and stockowners.

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"this book covers all the basics in a comprehensive and easy to read format... useful for both beginners and those already farming."
Grass Roots, Vol 234, April/May 2016, pp 73

"There's some very useful information in this book, and not just for beginners or even dedicated Small Cattle breeders."
Nick Goldie, Cooma-Monaro Express, 4/2/16


Paperback | January 2016 | $ 49.95
ISBN: 9781486301867 | 248 pages | 245 x 170 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Answers real questions asked by those seeking to make a rural lifestyle change
  • Deals exclusively with small cattle
  • Information is provided in a detailed, easy to understand format with simple terminology


Time for a tree change
Benefits of smaller cattle
Productions systems: stud or commercial
Selecting a breed
Selecting stock
Selecting genetics
Infrastructure required
Basic cattle husbandry
Methods of identification
Breeding systems
Healthy soils, healthy pastures, healthy cattle
Useful equipment in small farms
Government regulations & laws
Websites and organisations
Glossary of terms


Margo Hayes (MBA) has been breeding Australian Lowline & Ausline cattle since 1996. She has exhibited over 50 Grand Championships at numerous shows and twice won Grand Champion Carcass at the Royal Queensland Show. A past President of the Lowline Cattle Association, and current President of the Ausline Cattle Association, she now exports her cattle and their genetic material to over seven countries, and judges and speaks about cattle nationally and internationally.