Positive Energy Homes

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A guide to how positive energy living can be achieved, through homes that power themselves and empower their occupants.

Positive energy homes enable people to live healthy and comfortable lives with energy left over to share. Creating a house you love that produces surplus energy is surprisingly easy with a thorough understanding of how buildings work and careful attention to detail in construction. + Full description

The Passive House standard, with its well-proven track record, forms the basis for creating positive energy homes. This book explores the Passive House ‘fabric first’ approach, as well as the science and practicalities of effective ventilation strategies, smart options for heating and cooling, daylight harvesting, and efficient lighting and appliances.

Positive Energy Homes provides home owners world-wide, architects and builders with an understanding of the principles and technical details of building these houses.

- Short description


"a handy guide for anyone wanting to retrofit or build an energy positive home, providing the tools for making informed decisions about processes and purchases. There are diagrams, illustrations and case studies to make information easy to follow. It's a great idea with multiple benefits to our health and the planet's."
Grass Roots magazine #243, October-November 2017, p. 73


Paperback | May 2017 | $ 59.95
ISBN: 9781486303762 | 272 pages | 260 x 200 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour photographs, Illustrations

ePDF | May 2017
ISBN: 9781486303779
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • An inspirational and achievable vision of the future of sustainable buildings
  • An introduction to the biology and physics behind great buildings, with theory and easy to understand examples
  • A holistic guide to all of the elements of a building that influence energy consumption
  • A holistic understanding of the elements that influence comfort, health and enjoyment in buildings
  • Empowers the reader to make informed decisions for economically retrofitting or building a positive energy home


1. Creating healthy homes
2. The thermal envelope
3. Fresh air home delivery
4. Hot water
5. Heating and cooling
6. Light, views and connection with the environment
7. Appliances
8. Toolbox
9. Energy generation and storage
10. Certification
11. Positive energy living

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Rob Brimblecombe is a practicing building scientist, who manages the Engineering and Sustainability team at Monash University, overseeing the design and delivery of energy efficiency retrofits and super-efficient solar-powered buildings. He lectures in energy efficiency and renewables and supervises a range of applied research projects in sustainable development. He is a certified Passive House Consultant, Green Star Accredited Professional and holds a PhD in Solar Energy.

Kara Rosemeier is the chair of the Passive House Institute New Zealand, leads the Passive House Academy New Zealand and teaches building science in Auckland. Previously, she has been the director of an engineering consultancy, advised federal state government in Germany on matters of building energy efficiency, supported private clients on Passive Houses design, and supervised hundreds of retrofit projects. She holds a PhD in domestic air quality and ventilation, a Masters in Planning Practice (Hons) and a Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) in Architecture.