Sheep Reproduction: Part 2

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This second special edition focuses on sheep reproduction, with the majority of the papers being work of the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC).

This special edition of Animal Production Science is the second part of a series focusing on sheep reproduction.Part one was published in Animal Production Science in May 2014. + Full description

About one half of the papers in this special edition represent work of the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC), with the balance being contributions that also fit the general theme of sheep reproduction.

The first paper, by David Masters and Andrew Thompson is a review of the utility of grazing young crops for improving reproductive performance in sheep. Two papers follow on the usefulness of pregnancy scanning technology. Another three papers discuss the importance of fat and muscling to reproductive performance in sheep. Two papers by Sam Walkom and colleagues, which report studies on maternal sheep breeds, conclude that the genetic relationship between fat depth and reproduction traits is weak and that changes in ewe weight and fat over time are more related to season and reproductive status than genetic factors. Four papers specifically on lamb survival are also included in this special edition.

Both special editions on sheep reproduction represent a significant body of work co-ordinated by the Sheep CRC and will be of particular interest to research scientists, resource managers, agribusiness advisors, as well as farmers, and is essential reading for anyone interested in sheep production.

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Sheep Reproduction: Part 1 available online and in print. - Short description


Paperback | April 2016 | $ 75.00
ISBN: AN56/04 | 141 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing