Carnivores of Australia

Carnivores of Australia

1 The importance of predators

pp. 1-12

2 The rise and fall of large marsupial carnivores

pp. 13-26

3 Giant terrestrial reptilian carnivores of Cenozoic Australia

pp. 27-51

4 The arrival and impacts of the dingo

pp. 53-67

5 The new guard: the arrival and impacts of cats and foxes

pp. 69-104

6 Management of wild canids in Australia: free-ranging dogs and red foxes

pp. 105-149

7 When is a dingo not a dingo? Hybridisation with domestic dogs

pp. 151-172

8 Measuring and managing the impacts of cats

pp. 173-195

9 Australia’s surviving marsupial carnivores: threats and conservation

pp. 197-240

10 Micro-carnivores: the ecological role of small dasyurid predators in Australia

pp. 241-262

11 Reptilian predators: the forgotten majority?

pp. 263-278

12 Fur, feathers and scales: interactions between mammalian, reptilian and avian predators

pp. 279-299

13 Strongly interactive carnivore species: maintaining and restoring ecosystem function

pp. 301-322

14 Protecting livestock while conserving ecosystem function: non-lethal management of wild predators

pp. 323-353

15 The role of predator exclosures in the conservation of Australian fauna

pp. 355-371

16 Concerns over management intensity: a framework for threatened species and predator management

pp. 373-387

17 Olfaction and predator–prey interactions amongst mammals in Australia

pp. 389-404

18 Carnivore communities: challenges and opportunities for conservation

pp. 405-415