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Environmental Chemistry Showcase 2014–2015

Environmental Chemistry is proud to present this virtual issue featuring highlight articles published during 2014 and 2015 and covering a wide range of topics.

Environmental Chemistry – Highlights from 2012

It is with great pleasure that we present a selection of highlight papers from the 2012 issues of Environmental Chemistry. This collection of papers is but a small representation of subjects representing the broad scope of the journal, including Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere science (SOLAS); atmospheric aerosol chemistry; arsenic binding and microbial sulfate reduction; size fractionation and mercury speciation; diffusion of nanoparticles in biofilms; and organic phosphorus in aquatic systems.

Environmental Chemistry was conceived in 2003 as a forum for research addressing the chemistry of the environment, including anthropogenic impacts, with the focus on interdisciplinary research linking chemistry to physical or biological processes. We hope that this collection of papers from 2012 will help you become more familiar with Environmental Chemistry, and the distinct role the journal plays in environmental research.