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ASEG Extended Abstracts

Potential Field and Bathymetry Grids of Australia's Margins

Peter Petkovic, Desmond Fitzgerald, John Brett, Michael Morse and Cameron Buchanan

ASEG Extended Abstracts 2001(1) 1 - 4
Published: 2001


The Australian Geological Survey Organistaion, in co-operation with Desmond Fitzgerald and Associates and the Australian Hydrographic Service, has produced a set of digital bathymetry, gravity and magnetic grids for Australia's continental margin, with resolutions of 250-1000m. They represent a major upgrade of marine ship-track potential field and bathymetry data in Australian waters to assist geological interpretations. In integrating data from many sources, levelling techniques have been developed to correct crossover and other errors, and the ship-track data have been merged with satellite and high-resolution onshore sources.

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