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ASEG Extended Abstracts

ASEG Extended Abstracts are drawn from the technical sessions and keynote addresses of the ASEG´s conference series. They are freely available to ASEG members.

ASEG2016 - 25th Geophysical Conference

ASEG2015 - 24th Geophysical Conference

ASEG2013 - 23rd Geophysical Conference

ASEG2012 - 22nd Geophysical Conference

ASEG2010 - 21st Geophysical Conference

ASEG2009 - 20th Geophysical Conference

ASEG2007 - 19th Geophysical Conference

ASEG2006 - 18th Geophysical Conference

ASEG2004 - 17th Geophysical Conference

ASEG2003 - 16th Geophysical Conference

ASEG2001 - 15th Geophysical Conference



ASEG Special Publications

Geophysics of the Elura Orebody

Magnetic Exploration Models

Downhole Electromagnetics

ASEG Publications Index 1970-1987

Engineering Geophysics Workshop

Urban & Industrial Geophysics

Geophysical Signatures of West Australian Mineral Deposits

Case Study Koongara, Northern Territory

Downhole Electromagnetic Spectra

Airborne Electromagnetics

Geophysical Signatures of Base Metal Deposits in Victoria

Geophysical Signatures of South Australian Mineral Deposits

3D Electromagnetics

Salinity and Land Management

Exploration Geophysics

Exploration Geophysics, The Bulletin of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, is also available online.