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Signal resolution and penetration from dual-sensor streamer data on the NW shelf of Australia

A. Long, D. Mellors, T. Allen and A. McIntyre

ASEG Extended Abstracts 2009(1) 1 - 5
Published: 01 January 2009


A regional 2D streamer seismic survey was acquired in two regionally overlapping phases over the North West Shelf of Australia during 2007 and 2008. Water depths vary between 50 and 3,500 m. Phase I was acquired with a 7,950 m fluid-fill streamer at a depth of 7 m, and Phase II was acquired with a 8,100 m solid-fill dual-sensor streamer at a depth of 15 m. Receiver interval in both phases of the survey was 12.5 m. A symmetric 2,980 in3 source array of Sodera G-guns was towed at a depth of 6 m, with a shot interval of 37.5 m. Record length was 12 s. Phase I acquisition and processing was completed in 2007. Phase II (dual-sensor) acquisition and processing was completed in 2008. As observed in Figure 2, the recorded pressure and particle velocity data yield complementary information about the subsurface, and together in processing result in significant data resolution, quality and deep target imaging improvements.

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