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3D mapping and gravity modelling of Capel and Faust basins

Peter Petkovic, Richard Lane, Nadege Rollet and Goutam Nayak

ASEG Extended Abstracts 2010(1) 1 - 4
Published: 01 September 2010


The Capel and Faust basins lie at water depths of 1500- 3000 m, 800 km east of Brisbane. Geoscience Australia began a petroleum prospectivity study of these remote frontier basins with acquisition of reflection and refraction seismic, gravity, magnetic and multi-beam bathymetry data during 2006/07. The approach mapped a complex distribution of sub-basins via traditional 2D reflection seismic interpretation techniques and 3D mapping and gravity modelling. Gravity models were used to inform the seismic interpretation of basement. Gravity models had three sediment layers with average densities inferred from refraction modelling of 1.85, 2.13, 2.31 t/m3 overlying a pre-rift basement of density 2.54 t/m3, itself consisting in part of intruded older basin material. Gravity modelling of the simple density model arising from the initial interpretation of reflection seismic data indicated a first order agreement between observed and calculated data. Second order misfits were accounted for by adjustments to the sediment density values, localised adjustments to basement depths, and heterogeneity in the basement densities. The study concluded that sediment of average velocity 3500 m/s exceeds 6000 m thickness in the northwest of the area, which is sufficient for potential petroleum generation.

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