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Sharing a link to your article through Social and Scholarly Collaboration Networks such as ResearchGate and Academia is a great way of initiating a conversation with a wider audience – not only in your own field, but in related fields as well.

As the use of sharing networks grows, the ambiguity over how to access, share and use journal articles has become apparent. Our policies for sharing published journal articles differ depending on whether your article was published as part of a subscription journal or as Gold Open Access (i.e. you selected our open access option in a subscription journal or published in a fully open access journal). These policies are consistent with the STM Association’s Voluntary principles for article sharing on scholarly collaboration networks (PDF).

Gold Open Access Articles

Articles published as Gold Open Access

  • Anyone can upload the final version (PDF) to any personal, institutional or public repository, or social or scholarly network subject to acknowledgement of the author and journal in accordance with the end-user licence
  • The article may be shared, copied or redistributed in any medium or format under the terms of the Creative Commons license used
  • The article must contain a link to the version of record via the DOI

Subscription Articles

Articles published as part of a subscription based model (not published as Gold Open Access):

Final Version of Record
Peer-reviewed, publisher edited, typeset version of record

  • Authors can share a link to the article on the journal´s website
  • Authors can share the published version of the article within their private research group or collaboration, or use it as part of a grant application, thesis or doctorate

In general, sharing a link to your article rather than the full-text will help readers to find, cite, and use the correct version of record.

Accepted Manuscripts
The author-created, peer-reviewed, accepted manuscript, before editing and typesetting

  • The Accepted version of an article is the only version that may be uploaded to Scholarly Collaboration Networks such as ResearchGate and Academia. The Publisher’s edited or typeset versions cannot be used unless it is published as Gold Open Access.
  • The Accepted version may be uploaded into an institutional repository or put on a personal noncommercial website, with no embargo. The institutional repository should be that of the institution employing the author at the time the work was conducted or PubMed Central.

We ask that authors link to the published version on the CSIRO Publishing website, wherever possible.

Submitted Manuscripts
The author-created manuscript before peer review

Submitted manuscripts before peer-review and acceptance by the publisher can be shared anywhere, including scholarly collaboration networks. We encourage authors to add a link to the published version using its DOI on acceptance to encourage usage and citation of the version of record.


Did you know that the majority of the direct traffic to our online journal content comes from search engines such as Google? By utilising the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – making your article title and abstract clear and using the most relevant keywords when talking about your article online – you’ll ensure your article is more quickly discovered.


Have you signed up to relevant journal content alerts? That way you’ll be alerted when the journal issue featuring your article is published online.

You could also email interested colleagues a link to the published abstract.


How newsworthy is your latest research? Is it ground-breaking or does it tie-in with other stories already being published or broadcast? If so, we would encourage you to talk to your organisation’s media unit. You won’t need to request permission from us for a media release, but we would ask that you wait until the article is officially published online, refer to the relevant journal in the release and link to the published version of the article on our website.


Have you heard the expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? At the very least, a striking image can make your social media posts more visible and encourage others to share it. In addition, if media outlets demonstrate an interest in your research, they may ask you to provide images to supplement the story.


Have you registered for your unique ORCID iD? This will give you an ongoing digital identifier that will distinguish you from all other published researchers. Listing your article on your profile will demonstrate your publication record. We encourage all co-authors to link their ORCID iDs to their author accounts in our submission system. To learn more about ORCID, please visit