CSIRO PUBLISHING Commenting Guidelines

CSIRO PUBLISHING welcomes comments on published articles. To ensure that comments enrich scientific discourse, we ask that users follow these brief guidelines.


  • Comment constructively on the article or other comments
  • Contribute new information to the discussion
  • Focus on the topic
  • Support statements with evidence, facts and cite appropriate sources
  • Disclose any personal connections or conflicts of interest
  • Respect others’ beliefs
  • Ensure that any websites that you link to also adhere to these Community Guidelines
  • Use your real name


  • Attack individuals, institutions or organisations
  • Use discriminatory, abusive, inflammatory, insulting or threatening language
  • Make defamatory, libellous, false or misleading comments
  • Violate intellectual property or privacy
  • Advertise or link to any product or service or promote commercial interests
  • Write lengthy comments on your own work
  • Comment on the moderating process

CSIRO PUBLISHING may update these Commenting Guidelines at any time. Users should always consult the Guidelines before posting comments. Users are responsible for what they post. Moderators will either accept (and post) or reject (and remove) comments based on their adherence to these Guidelines; moderators will not edit comments. Moderators reserve the right to review – and remove – comments at any time.