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Australian Health Review explores health policy and management including healthcare delivery systems, clinical programs and health financing. More

Editor in Chief: Andrew Wilson   


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Published online 13 November 2014
Why did Divisions of General Practice implement some Access to Allied Psychological Services mental health initiatives and not others? 
Kylie King, Angela Nicholas, Justine Fletcher, Bridget Bassilios, Lennart Reifels, Grant Blashki and Jane Pirkis
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Published online 13 November 2014
Identifying risk factors and patterns for unplanned readmission to a general medical service 
Jordan Y. Z. Li, Tuck Y. Yong, Paul Hakendorf, David I. Ben-Tovim and Campbell H. Thompson
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blank image

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Published online 13 November 2014
Quantitative analysis of bariatric procedure trends 2001–13 in South Australia: implications for equity in access and public healthcare expenditure 
Samantha B. Meyer, Sue Booth, John Gray, Paul Hakendorf, Darlene McNaughton, Lillian Mwanri, Campbell Thompson and Paul R. Ward
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Published online 13 November 2014
Evaluation of a nurse practitioner-led extended hours mental health liaison nurse service based in the emergency department 
Timothy Wand, Natalie D'Abrew, Catherine Barnett, Louise Acret and Kathryn White
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Published online 06 November 2014
Profiling the allied health staffing of Queensland Health inpatient general rehabilitation units 
Catherine Barrett, Catherine Stephens, Julie Hulcombe and Brian McEvoy
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   |        Open Access Article
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Published online 03 November 2014
Healthcare-associated infections in Australia: time for national surveillance 
Philip L. Russo, Allen C. Cheng, Michael Richards, Nicholas Graves and Lisa Hall
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Published online 03 November 2014
Co-payments for health care: what is their real cost? 
Tracey-Lea Laba, Tim Usherwood, Stephen Leeder, Farhat Yusuf, James Gillespie, Vlado Perkovic, Andrew Wilson, Stephen Jan and Beverley Essue

This paper is based on a recent submission to the Senate inquiry into the impact of out-of-pocket costs in Australia. We argue that introducing additional copayments in primary practice will exacerbate the substantial economic burden currently faced by individuals and families as a result of out-of-pocket costs for health care and create financial barriers to access. To improve the efficiency and sustainability of health spending, other inadequacies in the health system should be addressed such that the last three decades of universalism can be preserved.

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   |        Open Access Article
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Published online 27 October 2014
Is mix of care influenced by the provider environment? A comparison of four care pathways in oral health 
Yevgeni Dudko, Estie Kruger and Marc Tennant
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Published online 23 October 2014
Medicare rebate for specialist medical practitioners from physiotherapy referrals: analysis of the potential impact on the Australian healthcare system 
Joshua M. Byrnes and Tracy A. Comans
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Published online 16 October 2014
Experiences and views of a brokerage model for primary care for Aboriginal people 
Sarah Dennis, Iqbal Hasan, Lisa Jackson Pulver, Ian Wilson and Nicholas Zwar
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Published online 16 October 2014
Experiencing health care service quality: through patient's eyes 
Sharon Schembri
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blank image Australian Health Review
Volume 38 Number 5 2014

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Table of Contents and Advertisements 
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Capricornia Allied Health Partnership (CAHP): a case study of an innovative model of care addressing chronic disease through a regional student-assisted clinic 
blank image
Kerrie-anne Frakes , Sharon Brownie , Lauren Davies , Janelle B. Thomas , Mary-Ellen Miller and Zephanie Tyack
pp. 483-486

blank image blank image blank image

Educational and health impact of the Baume Report: ‘A Cutting Edge: Australia’s Surgical Workforce 
blank image
David J. Hillis , Michael W. Gorton , Bruce H. Barraclough and David Beckett
pp. 487-494

blank image blank image blank image

An evaluation of the quality of evidence underpinning diabetes management models: a review of the literature 
blank image
Deborah Schofield , Michelle M. Cunich and Lucio Naccarella
pp. 495-505
   |        Open Access Article

blank image blank image blank image

Effectiveness of 'rehabilitation in the home' service 
blank image
Sneha Bharadwaj and David Bruce
pp. 506-509
   |        Open Access Article

blank image blank image blank image

Physiotherapy-led arthroplasty review clinic: a preliminary outcomes analysis 
blank image
Kate E. Large , Carolyn J. Page , Kim Brock , Michelle M. Dowsey and Peter F. M. Choong
pp. 510-516

blank image blank image blank image

Discounting of medicines in Australian community pharmacies 
blank image
Loc P. Thai , Agnes I. Vitry and John R. Moss
pp. 517-522

blank image blank image blank image

Trends in Australian government health expenditure by age: a fiscal incidence analysis 
blank image
Alan Tapper and John Phillimore
pp. 523-527

blank image blank image blank image

Uptake of telehealth services funded by Medicare in Australia 
blank image
Victoria Wade , Jeffrey Soar and Len Gray
pp. 528-532

blank image blank image blank image

Investing in acute health services: is it time to change the paradigm? 
blank image
Rhonda Kerr , Delia V Hendrie and Rachael Moorin
pp. 533-540

blank image blank image blank image

LIt.search: fast tracking access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health literature 
blank image
Jennifer J. Tieman , Mikaela A. Lawrence , Raechel A. Damarell , Ruth M. Sladek and Arwen Nikolof
pp. 541-545

blank image blank image blank image

Hospitals caring for rural Aboriginal patients: holding response and denial 
blank image
Judith Dwyer , Eileen Willis and Janet Kelly
pp. 546-551
   |        Open Access Article

blank image blank image blank image

Implementing a working together model for Aboriginal patients with acute coronary syndrome: an Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer and a specialist cardiac nurse working together to improve hospital care 
blank image
Karen Daws , Amanda Punch , Michelle Winters , Sonia Posenelli , John Willis , Andrew MacIsaac , Muhammad Aziz Rahman and Linda Worrall-Carter
pp. 552-556
   |        Open Access Article

blank image blank image blank image

Antimicrobial stewardship activities: a survey of Queensland hospitals 
blank image
Minyon L. Avent , Lisa Hall , Louise Davis , Michelle Allen , Jason A. Roberts , Sean Unwin , Kylie A. McIntosh , Karin Thursky , Kirsty Buising and David L. Paterson
pp. 557-563

blank image blank image blank image

Aiming to be NEAT: safely improving and sustaining access to emergency care in a tertiary referral hospital 
blank image
Clair M. Sullivan , Andrew Staib , Judy Flores , Leena Aggarwal , Alan Scanlon , Jennifer H. Martin and Ian A. Scott
pp. 564-574
   |        Open Access Article

blank image blank image blank image

Admission time to hospital: a varying standard for a critical definition for admissions to an intensive care unit from the emergency department 
blank image
Shane Nanayakkara , Heike Weiss , Michael Bailey , Allison van Lint , Peter Cameron and David Pilcher
pp. 575-579

blank image blank image blank image

Staff perceptions of primary healthcare service change: influences on staff satisfaction 
blank image
Rachel Tham , Penny Buykx , Leigh Kinsman , Bernadette Ward , John S. Humphreys , Adel Asaid , Kathy Tuohey and Rohan Jenner
pp. 580-583

blank image blank image blank image

Reflecting on the tensions faced by a community-based multicultural health navigator service 
blank image
Saras Henderson and Elizabeth Kendall
pp. 584-588

blank image blank image blank image

Chronic conditions, financial burden and pharmaceutical pricing: insights from Australian consumers 
blank image
Jennifer A. Whitty , Adem Sav , Fiona Kelly , Michelle A. King , Sara S. McMillan , Elizabeth Kendall and Amanda J. Wheeler
pp. 589-595

blank image blank image blank image

The use of social media as a 'leadership behaviour' in medicine 
blank image
Harris Eyre , Malcolm Forbes and Gemma Robertson
pp. 596-596

blank image blank image blank image

These articles have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. They are still in production and have not been edited, so may differ from the final published form.

    AH14147  Accepted 21 November 2014
    Overcoming the distance barrier in relation to treatment for haematology patients: Queensland Findings
    Pam McGrath

    AH14077  Accepted 21 November 2014
    Thinking differently: working together for better care
    Patrick Bolton, Hilary Crilly, Ketty Rivas

    AH14119  Accepted 10 November 2014
    Palliative care health professionals’ experiences of caring for patients with advance care directives
    Claire Johnson, Rachel Singer, Malcolm Masso, Marcus Sellars, Bill Silvester

    AH14111  Accepted 03 November 2014
    Implementing antimicrobial stewardship in the Australian private hospital system: a qualitative study
    Menino Cotta, Megan Robertson, Caroline Marshall, Karin Thursky, Danny Liew, Kirsty Buising

    AH14104  Accepted 03 November 2014
    ‘Right’ for publication: Strategies for supporting novice writers across health and medical disciplines
    Penny Paliadelis, Vicki Parker, Glenda Parmenter, Myf Maple

    AH14081  Accepted 03 November 2014
    Funding issues and options for pharmacists providing sessional services to rural hospitals in Australia
    Amy Tan, Lynne Emmerton, Laetitia Hattingh, Adam La Caze

    AH14055  Accepted 03 November 2014
    Which mothers receive a postpartum home visit in Queensland, Australia? A cross-sectional retrospective study
    Wendy Brodribb, Yvette Miller

    AH14039  Accepted 03 November 2014
    Organisational development in a rural hospital in Australia
    Suzanne Young, Sandra Leggat, Pauline Stanton, Timothy Bartram

    AH14020  Accepted 03 November 2014
    Effectiveness of clinical supervision of physiotherapists: a survey
    David Snowdon, Geraldine Millard, Nicholas Taylor

    AH14016  Accepted 03 November 2014
    Barriers and enablers of community representation in hospital decision making: a literature review
    Zoe Murray

    AH14073  Accepted 30 October 2014
    Equity in primary health care delivery – an examination of the cohesiveness of strategies relating to primary healthcare system, health workforce and hepatitis C
    Jane Scarborough, Jaklin Eliott, Emma Miller, Paul Aylward

    AH14108  Accepted 29 October 2014
    The relationship between socio-economic status and general practitioner visits for children in the first 12 months of life: An Australian study
    Xanthe Golenko, Rania Shibl, Paul Scuffham, Cate Cameron

    AH14095  Accepted 29 October 2014
    Discharge communication from inpatient care: current practices of a large regional health service audited against the Australian national standard for clinical handover
    Daniel Brooks Reid, Shaun Parsons, Stephen Gill, Andrew Hughes

    AH14074  Accepted 29 October 2014
    Impact of the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Program on the conduct of Australian dietitians’ private practices
    Sarah Jansen, Lauren Ball, Catherine Lowe

    AH14030  Accepted 29 October 2014
    Which dimensions of access are most important when rural residents decide to visit a general practitioner for non-emergency care?
    Bernadette Ward, John Humphreys, Matthew McGrail, John Wakerman, Marita Chisholm

    AH13231  Accepted 29 October 2014
    A case study examining the financial viability, benefits and challenges of employing a nurse practitioner in general practice
    Christopher Helms, Jo Crookes, David Bailey

    AH14131  Accepted 27 October 2014
    Whiteboards and traffic lights: visual management in acute care
    Lauri O'Brien, Melissa Lewis, Jane Bassham

    AH14118  Accepted 27 October 2014
    Advance care planning in palliative care: a national survey of health professionals and service managers
    Marcus Sellars, Bill Silvester, Malcolm Masso, Claire Johnson

    AH14038  Accepted 22 October 2014
    Conundrums in merging public policy into private dentistry: experiences from Australia’s recent past
    Raymond Lam, Estie Kruger, Marc Tennant

    AH14099  Accepted 20 October 2014
    A better way to do this? The views of mental health nursing directors about preparation for mental health nursing practice
    Brenda Happell

    AH14179  Accepted 19 October 2014
    Measurement of elective surgery waiting list data for hospitals.
    Haria Lambrou

    AH14175  Accepted 19 October 2014
    Dying in Australian Hospitals: Will a separate national clinical standard improve the delivery of quality care?
    Katherine Clark, Aileen Collier, David Currow

    AH14113  Accepted 06 October 2014
    A systems life-cycle approach to managing the radiology profession – an Australian perspective
    Seyedamir Tavakoli Taba, Simon Reay Atkinson, Sarah Lewis, Kon Shing Kenneth Chung, Liaquat Hossain

    AH14040  Accepted 06 October 2014
    A scoping study into wound management nurse practitioner models of practice
    Michelle Gibb, Helen Edwards, Glenn Gardner

    AH14013  Accepted 06 October 2014
    Medical leadership is the new black – or is it?
    Christine Jorm, Malcolm Parker

    AH14163  Accepted 30 September 2014
    Letter to the Editor: Response to "Models of care for musculoskeletal health in Australia: now more than ever to drive evidence into health policy and practice"
    Tamzin Dimmock

    AH14053  Accepted 29 September 2014
    Mechanisms for the effective implementation of an allied health assistant trainee: a qualitative study of a speech language pathology assistant
    Susan Nancarrow, Anna Moran, Rebecca Sullivan

    AH14031  Accepted 23 September 2014
    Theoretical frameworks to support research of health service innovation.
    Amanda Fox, Glenn Gardner, Sonya Osborne

    AH14034  Accepted 22 September 2014
    Managing ethical issues in patient care and the need for clinical ethics support
    Evan Doran, Jennifer Fleming, Christopher Jordens, Cameron Stewart, Julie Letts, Ian Kerridge

    AH14155  Accepted 21 September 2014
    HealthPathways – creating a pathway for health systems reform
    Suzanne Robinson, Richard Varhol, Colin Bell, Frances Quirk, Learne Durrington

    AH14042  Accepted 21 September 2014
    Demographics and discharge outcomes of Dysvascular and Nonvascular Lower Limb Amputees at a Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Unit: a Seven Year Series
    Heather Batten, Suzanne Kuys, Steven McPhail, Paulose Varghese, Jennifer Nitz

    AH14033  Accepted 16 September 2014
    Diversity and consistency: a case study of regionalised clinical placements for medical students
    Mavourneen Casey, Diann Eley, Michael David

    AH14121  Accepted 15 September 2014
    Evaluation of pharmacy students’ rural placement program- preparation for interprofessional practice
    Hanan Khalil, Anne Leversha, Judi Walker

The Most Read ranking is based on the number of downloads from the CSIRO PUBLISHING website of articles published in the previous 12 months. Usage statistics are updated daily.

Rank Paper Details
1. Published 4 February 2014
Lessons for the Australian healthcare system from the Berwick report

Lesley Russell and Paresh Dawda

2. Published 8 November 2013
Addressing chronic and complex conditions: what evidence is there regarding the role primary healthcare nurses can play?

Anne M. Parkinson and Rhian Parker

3. Published 8 November 2013
What makes a hospital manager competent at the middle and senior levels?

Zhanming Liang, Sandra G. Leggat, Peter F. Howard and Lee Koh

4. Published 13 May 2014
Ten clinician-driven strategies for maximising value of Australian health care

Ian Scott

5. Published 4 February 2014
Preparing a 21st century workforce: is it time to consider clinically based, competency-based training of health practitioners?

Susan A. Nancarrow, Anna M. Moran and Iain Graham

6. Published 4 February 2014
Perspectives of Indigenous people in the Pilbara about the delivery of healthcare services

Bruce F. Walker, Norman J. Stomski, Anne Price and Elizabeth Jackson-Barrett

7. Published 8 November 2013
The role of boards in clinical governance: activities and attitudes among members of public health service boards in Victoria

Marie M. Bismark, Simon J. Walter and David M. Studdert

8. Published 4 February 2014
Health in a ‘post-transition’ Australia: adding years to life or life to years?

Stephen J. Begg

9. Published 8 November 2013
Aged care nurse practitioners in Australia: evidence for the development of their role

Shannon Clark, Rhian Parker, Brenton Prosser and Rachel Davey

10. Published 1 September 2014
Senior nurse role expectations of graduate registered and enrolled nurses on commencement to practice

Elisabeth R. Jacob, Lisa McKenna and Angelo D'Amore

11. Published 4 February 2014
Research priorities in suicide prevention: an examination of Australian-based research 2007–11

Jo Robinson and Jane Pirkis

12. Published 4 February 2014
Hospital admissions caused by adverse drug events: an Australian prospective study

Alexandra L. Phillips, Olimpia Nigro, Karen A. Macolino, Kirsty C. Scarborough, Christopher J. Doecke, Manya T. Angley and Sepehr Shakib

13. Published 4 February 2014
Successful provision of emergency mental health care to rural and remote New South Wales: an evaluation of the Mental Health Emergency Care–Rural Access Program

Emily Saurman, David Lyle, David Perkins and Russell Roberts

14. Published 4 February 2014
Emergency department waiting times: do the raw data tell the whole story?

Janette Green, James Dawber, Malcolm Masso and Kathy Eagar

15. Published 4 February 2014
Healthcare professional perspectives on quality and safety in New Zealand public hospitals: findings from a national survey

Robin Gauld and Simon Horsburgh

16. Published 13 May 2014
At the crossroads of violence and aggression in the emergency department: perspectives of Australian emergency nurses

Julia Morphet, Debra Griffiths, Virginia Plummer, Kelli Innes, Robyn Fairhall and Jill Beattie

17. Published 4 February 2014
Estimating treatment rates for mental disorders in Australia

Harvey A. Whiteford, William J. Buckingham, Meredith G. Harris, Philip M. Burgess, Jane E. Pirkis, Jan J. Barendregt and Wayne D. Hall

18. Published 1 September 2014
A case study in the use of evidence in a changing political context: an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health service re-examines practice models, governance and financing

Deepa Gajjar, Anthony B. Zwi, Peter S. Hill and Cindy Shannon

19. Published 4 February 2014
Generic drug prices and policy in Australia: room for improvement? A comparative analysis with England

Sarah J. Mansfield

20. Published 8 November 2013
Professional support framework: improving access to professional support for professionals

Fiona Hall and Karen Bell

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