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  Journal of the Australian Health Promotion Association
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Health Promotion Journal of Australia facilitates communication between researchers, practitioners and policy makers involved in health promotion activities. More

Editor in Chief: Jonine Jancey


blank image Health Promotion Journal of Australia
Volume 25 Number 1 2014
RESEARCH FRONT: Advances and Challenges for Health Promotion

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Table of Contents 
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Paradox of health care in the world’s greatest nation: commentary on the 2013 Annual American Public Health Association Conference in Boston 
blank image
Peter Howat, Jonine Jancey and Colin Binns
pp. 1-3

blank image blank image blank image

On the road to prevention: road injury and health promotion 
blank image
Mark Stevenson and Jason Thompson
pp. 4-7

blank image blank image blank image

From evidence to action: health promotion and alcohol 
blank image
Julia Stafford, Steve Allsop and Mike Daube
pp. 8-13

Preventing alcohol-related harm presents a range of challenges including those related to political will, competing interests, and embedded drinking cultures. There are also opportunities for health promotion, including clear evidence on both the extent of the problem and evidence-based responses and growing community support for action. This paper considers: the nature of the challenge; evidence-based approaches; achievements and developments; challenges and obstacles; and the role of health promotion and the health promotion workforce.


blank image blank image blank image

Urban design and health: progress to date and future challenges 
blank image
Melanie Lowe, Claire Boulange and Billie Giles-Corti
pp. 14-18

Principles of healthy urban design are not being consistently translated into urban planning practice in Australia. This paper outlines the evidence of the association between urban design and chronic diseases and suggests approaches to facilitate the creation of healthy urban environments through improved translation of evidence into policy and practice.


blank image blank image blank image

Health promotion: an ethical analysis 
blank image
Stacy M. Carter
pp. 19-24

How can health promotion be practiced in an ethically justifiable way? Ethical frameworks, described in this article, can assist. But these are not sufficient. Ethically justifiable practice also requires taking a position on the relationship between citizen and state, and the place of health and health promotion in that relationship.


blank image blank image blank image

Closing the chasm between research and practice: evidence of and for change 
blank image
Lawrence W. Green
pp. 25-29

Rather than trying to close the research-to-practice gap with more efficient dissemination, a case is made that a solution more helpful to practitioners would be to make the ‘pipeline’ a two-way flow from practice to research priorities and from research to practice.

   |        Open Access Article

blank image blank image blank image

Getting Australia more active: challenges and opportunities for health promotion 
blank image
A. P. Hills, S. J. Street and N. Harris
pp. 30-34

Physical activity has been described as public health’s ‘best bet’ or ‘best buy’; however, motivating individuals and groups to adopt and maintain physical activity is a challenge for health professionals. This paper overviews the contemporary status of physical activity promotion in Australia and identifies key challenges and opportunities moving forward.

   |        Open Access Article

blank image blank image blank image

Mobilisation, politics, investment and constant adaptation: lessons from the Australian health-promotion response to HIV 
blank image
Graham Brown, Daryl O'Donnell, Levinia Crooks and Rob Lake
pp. 35-41

This article describes how the Australian HIV partnership response moved from a crisis response to a constant and continuously adapting response, with challenges in sustaining the partnership. The experience, including its successes and failures, has lessons applicable across health promotion.


blank image blank image blank image

Reflections on the framing of ‘health equity’ in the National Primary Health Care Strategic Framework: a cause for celebration or concern? 
blank image
James A. Smith
pp. 42-45

blank image blank image blank image

Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about lung cancer in three culturally and linguistically diverse communities living in Australia: a qualitative study 
blank image
Nicola Scott, Connie Donato-Hunt, Melanie Crane, Mayanne Lafontaine, Megan Varlow, Holly Seale and David Currow
pp. 46-51

Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about lung cancer among Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic-speaking communities in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) are explored. Focus groups found limited awareness of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer which, combined with cultural perceptions about lung cancer, impacted on attitudes towards help-seeking behaviour.


blank image blank image blank image

Students' experiences of school suspension 
blank image
Daniel Quin and Sheryl A. Hemphill
pp. 52-58

School achievement is a key social determinant of health. Seventy-four secondary school students were asked to report on their experiences of being suspended. A minority of students received adult supervision while suspended and perceived that their teachers were less helpful post-suspension. Recommendations for improving the process of being suspended and maintaining student–teacher relationships are made.


blank image blank image blank image

Protecting children from taking up smoking: parents' views on what would help 
blank image
K. Marck, M. Glover, A. Kira, J. McCool, R. Scragg, V. Nosa and C. Bullen
pp. 59-64

Parents are key to preventing child uptake of smoking, but they can’t do it alone. When asked what could be done to help, the parents’ views reflected standard tobacco control approaches: build children’s knowledge, reduce access, denormalise smoking, promote health and increase school monitoring of smoking. A more engaging process is needed to elicit innovative and culturally acceptable strategies.


blank image blank image blank image

Tackling the challenges in conducting a 5-year longitudinal study of the Healthy Beginnings Trial 
blank image
Lauren Viney and Maxine Goodwin
pp. 65-66

blank image blank image blank image

Nitbusters: lessons from a school-based intervention study to reduce head lice in a disadvantaged community 
blank image
Michelle Maxwell, Belinda Crawford and Vanessa Rose
pp. 67-68

blank image blank image blank image

These articles have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. They are still in production and have not been edited, so may differ from the final published form.

    HE13089  Accepted 18 April 2014
    Translation of tobacco control programs in schools: findings from a rapid review of systematic reviews of implementation and dissemination interventions.
    Luke Wolfenden, Jacqueline Carruthers, Rebecca Wyse, Sze Lin Yoong

    HE13044  Accepted 12 April 2014
    “An exploratory study of smokers and stakeholders expectations of the implementation of a smoke free policy in a university setting.”
    Sharyn Burns, Nicole Bowser, Jennifer Smith, Jonine Jancey, Gemma Crawford

    HE13102  Accepted 11 April 2014
    Self-reported participation and beliefs about bowel cancer screening in New South Wales
    Megan Varlow, Ingrid Stacey, Sally Dunlop, Jane Young, James Kite, Anita Dessaix, Clair McAulay

    HE13081  Accepted 13 March 2014
    Public Perceptions of Cancer Risk Factors: A West Australian Study
    Anna MacTiernan, Lin Fritschi, Terry Slevin, Geoffrey Jalleh, Robert Donovan, Jane Heyworth

The Most Read ranking is based on the number of downloads from the CSIRO PUBLISHING website of articles published in the previous 12 months. Usage statistics are updated daily.

Rank Paper Details
1. Published 30 October 2013
Providing health information for culturally and linguistically diverse women: priorities and preferences of new migrants and refugees

Susan K. Lee, Cheryl M. R. Sulaiman-Hill and Sandra C. Thompson

2. Published 30 October 2013
Community-based efforts to prevent obesity: Australia-wide survey of projects

Melanie S. Nichols, Rebecca C. Reynolds, Elizabeth Waters, Timothy Gill, Lesley King, Boyd A. Swinburn and Steven Allender

3. Published 11 April 2013
Methodology for the evaluation of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program

L. Gibbs, P. K. Staiger, M. Townsend, S. Macfarlane, L. Gold, K. Block, B. Johnson, J. Kulas and E. Waters

4. Published 19 December 2013
Academic and personal problems among Australian university students who drink at hazardous levels: web-based survey

J. Hallett, P. Howat, A. McManus, R. Meng, B. Maycock and K. Kypri

5. Published 19 December 2013
Building health promotion capacity in a primary health care workforce in the Northern Territory: some lessons from practice

Jenni Judd and Helen Keleher

6. Published 11 April 2013
Using evidence in health promotion in local government: contextual realities and opportunities

Tahna Lee Pettman, Rebecca Armstrong, Ben Pollard, Rachel Evans, Amanda Stirrat, Isha Scott, Georgia Davies-Jackson and Elizabeth Waters

7. Published 30 October 2013
Review of Australian Childhood Obesity Research Funding 2010–2013

David R. Lubans, Rachel Jones, Anthony D. Okely, Jo Salmon and Louise A. Baur

8. Published 30 October 2013
The Torres Indigenous Hip Hop Project: evaluating the use of performing arts as a medium for sexual health promotion

Alexandra McEwan, Alan Crouch, Heather Robertson and Patricia Fagan

9. Published 30 October 2013
The advertised diet: an examination of the extent and nature of food advertising on Australian television

Michele Roberts, Simone Pettigrew, Kathy Chapman, Pascale Quester and Caroline Miller

10. Published 11 April 2013
Defining sustainable practice in community-based health promotion: A Delphi study of practitioner perspectives

Neil Harris and Maria Sandor

11. Published 17 April 2014
From evidence to action: health promotion and alcohol

Julia Stafford, Steve Allsop and Mike Daube

12. Published 11 April 2013
Eye health promotion to improve awareness and prevent vision loss among Indigenous Australians

Andrea I. Boudville, Mitchell D. Anjou and Hugh R. Taylor

13. Published 19 December 2013
Young adult perceptions of Australia’s physical activity recommendations for adults

Kim A. Jose, Verity J. Cleland, Alison J. Venn and Emily Hansen

14. Published 30 October 2013
The fly-in, fly out debate: what happens to the communities?

Sharyn Burns

15. Published 19 December 2013
Key influences on motivations for utility cycling (cycling for transport to and from places)

Kristiann C. Heesch and Shannon Sahlqvist

16. Published 11 April 2013
Impact on community organisations that partnered with the Act-Belong-Commit mental health promotion campaign

Geoffrey Jalleh, Julia Anwar-McHenry, Robert J. Donovan and Amberlee Laws

17. Published 17 April 2014
Mobilisation, politics, investment and constant adaptation: lessons from the Australian health-promotion response to HIV

Graham Brown, Daryl O'Donnell, Levinia Crooks and Rob Lake

18. Published 30 October 2013
Pressing need for more evidence to guide efforts to address substance use among young Indigenous Australians

K. S. Kylie Lee, Monique Jagtenberg, Charles M. Ellis and Katherine M. Conigrave

19. Published 11 April 2013
Health priorities and perceived health determinants among Western Australians attending the 2011 LGBTI Perth Pride Fairday Festival

Jude Comfort and Kahlia McCausland

20. Published 11 April 2013
Champions in a lifestyle risk-modification program: reflections on their training and experiences

Samar Aoun, Shaouli Shahid, Linda Le and Kristi Holloway

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