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Australian Journal of Zoology
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  Evolutionary, Molecular and Comparative Zoology
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Australian Journal of Zoology
Volume 31 Number 5 1983

The Microvascular Organization of the Gas exchange Organs of the Australian Lungfish, Neoceratodus forsteri (Krefft) 

BJ Gannon, DJ Randall, J Browing, RJG Lester and LJ Rogers

pp. 651-676


The Structure and Operation of the Obliquely Striated Supercontractile Somatic Muscles in Nematodes. 

WG Inglis

pp. 677-693


Aspects of the Water, Electrolyte and Carbohydrate Physiology of the Silvereye, Zosterops Lateralis (Aves). 

IJ Rooke, SD Bradshaw and RA Langworthy

pp. 695-704


The Design of the Nematode Body Wall: the Ontogeny of the Cuticle. 

WG Inglis

pp. 705-716


Movement and Host Finding by Unfed Nymphs of Two Australian Reptile Ticks. 

TN Petney, RH Andrews and CM Bull

pp. 717-721


Karyotypic Evolution in Gehyra (Gekkonidae: Reptilia) III.* The Gehyra australis Complex 

M King

pp. 723-741


Confirmation of a New Species of Small Dasyurid Marsupial by Electrophoretic Analysis of Enzymes and Proteins 

DW Cooper and A Woolley

pp. 743-751


The Subspecific Biochemical Taxonomy of Antechinus minimus, A. swainsonii and Sminthopsis leucopus (Marsupialia: Dasyuridae) 

AMA Smith

pp. 753-762


Revision of the Osmylid Subfamilies Porisminae and Eidoporisminae (Insecta:Neuoptera) 

TR New

pp. 763-770


Princeps Aegeus (Donovan) and Its Allies (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae): Systematics, Phylogeny and Biogeography.  

DL Hancock

pp. 771-797


Revision of the Australian Centipedes of the Genus Cormocephalus Newport (Chilopoda: Scolopendridae: Scolopendrinae) 

LE Koch

pp. 799-833


A Taxonomic Study of the Centipede Genus Ethmostigmus Pocock (Chilopoda: Scolopendridae: Otostigminae) in Australia 

LE Koch

pp. 835-849


Paramphistomes (Digenea; Paramphistomidae) Parasitic in Marine Turtles (Reptilia: Chelonia).  

D Blair

pp. 851-867


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