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  Evolutionary, Molecular and Comparative Zoology
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Australian Journal of Zoology
Volume 40 Number 4 1992

Relationships Among the Birds-of-Paradise (Paradisaeidae) and Bowerbirds (Ptilonorhynchidae) - Protein Evidence 

L Christidis and R Schodde

pp. 343-353


Hematology of Wild Allied Rock-Wallabies, Petrogale-Assimilis Ramsay, 1877 (Marsupialia, Macropodidae), in North Queensland 

PBS Spencer and R Speare

pp. 355-364


Enzyme-Activities Associated With Salivary-Glands of the Froghopper Eoscarta-Carnifex (F) (Homoptera, Cercopoidae) - Possible Role of Salivary Catalase in Phytotoxicity 

DH Rodman and DJ Miller

pp. 365-370


Phenotypic Variation in Australian Eurema Species 

RE Jones

pp. 371-383


Ultrastructure of the Protonephridia of Syndisyrinx-Punicea (Hickman, 1956) (Rhabdocoela, Umagillidae) and Pterastericola-Pellucida Jondelius, 1989 (Rhabdocoela, Pterastericolidae) 

K Rohde, NA Watson and U Jondelius

pp. 385-399


Mate Guarding in a Population of White-Fronted Chats, Ephthianura-Albifrons Jardine and Selby (Passeriformes, Ephthianuridae) - a Response to Group Living and a Male-Skewed Sex-Ratio 

RE Major

pp. 401-409


Phylogeny Inferred From Allozymes in the Heterodoxus-Octoseriatus Group of Species (Phthiraptera, Boopiidae) 

SC Barker, DA Briscoe and RL Close

pp. 411-422


Relations Among Ringtail Possums (Marsupialia, Pseudocheiridae) Based on Dna-Dna Hybridization 

MS Springer, GM Mckay, KP Aplin and JAW Kirsch

pp. 423-435


Morphological Variation Between Populations of the Brush-Tailed Tree Rat (Conilurus-Penicillatus) in Northern Australia and New-Guinea 

CM Kemper and LH Schmitt

pp. 437-452


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