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  Evolutionary, Molecular and Comparative Zoology
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Australian Journal of Zoology
Volume 45 Number 6 1997

Microhabitat Use by Two Species of Nyctophilus Bats: a Test of Ecomorphology Theory 

R. Mark Brigham, Rebecca L. Francis and Sandy Hamdorf

pp. 553-560


Digestive Physiology of the Ground Cuscus (Phalanger gymnotis), a New Guinean Phalangerid Marsupial 

I. D. Hume, M. J. Runcie and J. M. Caton

pp. 561-571


Sex of Pouch Young Related to Maternal Weight in Macropus eugenii and M. parma (Marsupialia: Macropodidae) 

Paul Sunnucks and Andrea C. Taylor

pp. 573-578


A Morphological and Molecular Review of Camponotus terebrans (Lowne) (Hymenoptera : Formicidae) 

A. J. McArthur, M. Adams and S. O. Shattuck

pp. 579-598


Physiological Adjustments during Aestivation by the Australian Land Snail Rhagada tescorum (Mollusca : Pulmonata : Camaenidae) 

Philip Withers, Scott Pedler and Michael Guppy

pp. 599-611


Sugar Preference and Apparent Sugar Assimilation in the Red Lory 

Colleen T. Downs

pp. 613-619


Novel Protonephridial Filtration Apparatus in Cylindrostoma fingalianum, Allostoma sp. and Pseudostomum quadrioculatum (Platyhelminthes: Prolecithophora) 

Nikki A. Watson and Klaus Rohde

pp. 621-630


The Incidence and Relative Abundance of Amorbus obscuricornis and Gelonus tasmanicus (Hemiptera : Coreidae) in Southern Tasmania and Their Performance on Selected Eucalyptus Species 

M. J. Steinbauer

pp. 631-649

 |    Corrigendum PDF (422 KB) - $25.00  

Interspecific Variation of Testis Size and Epididymal Sperm Numbers in Australasian Rodents with Special Reference to the Genus Notomys 

W. G. Breed

pp. 651-669


Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of the Tasmanian and New Zealand mudfishes (Salmoniformes : Galaxiidae) 

J. M. Waters and R. W. G. White

pp. 671-671

 |    Corrigendum PDF (325 KB) - $25.00  

Annual Author Index 

pp. 673-676


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