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The Effect of Temporary Closure of Watering Points on Grazing Intensity of Red and Grey Kangaroos With Related Observations on Feral Goats.

D Freudenberger and RB Hacker

The Rangeland Journal 19(2) 157 - 165
Published: 1997


In this study we examined the utility of manipulating artificial waters as a means of managing total grazing pressure in semi-arid rangelands of eastern Australia. We tested the efficacy of 'Finlayson trough' exclosure technology at three locations, over two summers, in paddocks with red kangaroos (Macropus rufirs) and two species of grey kangaroo (M. giganteus and M. fuliginosus). We also examined the effect of closing off five waters on the distribution of feral goat grazing intensity at one study site. Generally, there were no apparent reductions in kangaroo and goat grazing intensity following 6-10 weeks of water exclosure, the exception being a minor reduction in red kangaroo grazing intensity at one location. We concluded that kangaroo and goat grazing pressure cannot be substantially reduced by simply closing off waters in and near paddocks for several months. Key words: kangaroos, water exclosure. feral goats, grazing pressure, paddock spelling

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