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The Genus Corvus (Aves: Corvidae) in Australia

I Rowley

CSIRO Wildlife Research 15(1) 27 - 71
Published: 1970


The taxonomy of the genus Corvus in Australia is reviewed on the basis of field studies and a large collection of new material from most parts of the continent. Five species are recognized, four of which are endemic to Australia (C. coronoides, C. mellori, C. tasmanicus, and C. bennetti) while the fifth, C. orru, is shared with New Guinea and islands to the north. On the basis of this material no races of C. coronoides, C. bennetti, or C. mellori are recognized and only one race of C. orru (C. o. cecilae) is found to occur in Australia. Two races are suggested for C. tasmanicus, C. t. tasmanicus and C. t. boreus; the latter has been undescribed hitherto. A key to the separation of the five species is presented; characters likely to assist field identification are described; and the details of species diagnosis, measurements, and distribution are given. The possible evolutionary pathway of these forms is discussed.


© CSIRO 1970

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