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Movements and longevity of ravens in south-eastern Australia

I Rowley

CSIRO Wildlife Research 16(1) 49 - 72
Published: 1971


Movements and longevity of Australian ravens (Corvus coronoides and C. mellori) are discussed on the basis of: (1) 11,558 birds banded 1953-1968,632 of which were recovered up to the end of 1968; (2) routine transect counts in two different areas; (3) data from colour-banded individuals. Three sorts of movements are shown, random dispersal, south-eastward migration, and the avoidance of coastal New South Wales. Most movements in excess of 10 miles involve non-breeding birds and account for the major fluctuations in raven numbers in any one district. C. mellori has a higher mean mortality rate (62.5%) than C. coronoides (51.O%), probably due to a more nomadic way of life.


© CSIRO 1971

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