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Changes in Numbers of Rabbits and their Burrows in a Subalpine Environment in South-eastern New South Wales.

K Myers, BS Parker and JD Dunsmore

Australian Wildlife Research 2(2) 121 - 133
Published: 1975


Patterns of distribution and use of rabbit warrens in 540 acres (219 ha) of subalpine habitat during 1963 and 1966-71 are described. The numbers of rabbits and of burrows in which they live can fluctuate independently of each other. It is demonstrated in a marked population that careful measurement of changes in burrow use can be used to estimate changes in the numbers of rabbits using the burrows. The most favourable habitat for rabbits in subalpine regions is raised areas on the floor and sides of valleys in open alpine grasslands, where there are projecting granite tors and moraine-like materials.


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