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Two New Locality Records, a New Habitat and a Nest Description for Xeromys myoides Thomas (Rodentia : Muridae)

WE Magnusson, GJW Webb and JA Taylor

Australian Wildlife Research 3(2) 153 - 157
Published: 1976


One X. myoides was captured on the bank of the Tomkinson River, Arnhem Land, and three on the banks of Andranangoo Creek, Melville I. The latter specimens, an adult and two juveniles, were in a mud mound containing a nest. The remains of a fifth specimen were recovered from the stomach of a Crocodylus porosus caught in the Tomkinson River. All specimens were associated with mangrove forests. Behavioural observations are presented and discussed. X. myoides could be more widespread in the mangroves which border northern rivers.


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