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Stomach Contents of Forty-Two Species of Bats From the Australasian Region.

WJM Vestjens and LS Hall

Australian Wildlife Research 4(1) 25 - 35
Published: 1977


Bats were killed between 1963 and 1973 during surveys in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Bougainville Island. Results are given as number of stomachs containing particular food items, or as number of items in a stomach. Insect remains on the floor of bat caves were examined also. There were 42 species of bat examined, of 16 genera; stomachs of 36 species had Lepidoptera, 29 had Coleoptera, 27 had Hymenoptera and 23 had Hemiphera. Twelve bat species ate wingless insects and 7 ate aquatic insects, though those may be found away from water. Results are discussed in relation to foraging behaviour of bats.


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