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Numbers, Distribution and Harvesting Rate of Kangaroos on the Inland Plains of New South Wlaes

G Caughley, RG Sinclair and GR Wilson

Australian Wildlife Research 4(2) 99 - 108
Published: 1977


The number of kangaroos on the plains of New South Wales (496000 km2) was estimated as 2 073 000 & 98 000 red kangaroos, Megaleia rufa, and 1 578 000 i- 84 000 grey kangaroos, Macropus giganteus and M. fuliginosus. The overall densities were 4.18 reds and 3.18 greys per square kilometre. Sheep outnumbered kangaroos by five to one. Red kangaroos were most numerous in the north-west of the state, greys in the north-central region. The legal harvest on the survey area in 1975 was 48 100 reds and 60 300 greys, representing 2.3% of the population of reds and 3.8% of the greys. Density is mapped for both red and grey kangaroos, and a design is offered for monitoring subsequent changes in density by aerial survey.


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