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An Aerial Survey of Potential Nesting Areas of the Saltwater Crocodile, Crocodylus porosus Schneider, on the North Coast of Arnehem Land, Northern Australia

WE Magnusson, GC Grigg and JA Taylor

Australian Wildlife Research 5(3) 401 - 415
Published: 1978


Results of a study of habitats used by C, povosus for nesting on the Liverpool and Tomkinson Rivers, Arnhem Land, northern Australia, are presented. These were used as the basis of an aerial survey for potential crocodile nesting habitat in coastal wetlands between Smith Point (Cobourg Peninsula) and Gove. General conclusions of the survey are given, and areas in which different types of management could be applied are indicated. Detailed results are lodged with the Australian National Library,Canberra (catalogue No. MS5640).


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