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The sensitivity of Australian animals to 1080 poison. II. Marsupial and eutherian carnivores

J. C. Mcilroy

Australian Wildlife Research 8(2) 385 - 399
Published: 1981


Eutherian carnivores tested were more sensitive to 1080 poison than marsupial carnivores. Both groups of animals displayed similar symptoms but there was wide intra- and interspecific variation in the time to onset, the sequence of occurrence and duration of the symptoms. The risks that individual carnivores face from primary and secondary poisoning have been assessed. Theoretically, dingoes probably face the greatest risk amongst the species studied, followed by members of the smaller dasyurids and feral cats. Members of the larger dasyurids and long-nosed bandicoots probably face the least risk. Factors likely to influence the actual effect of 1080-poisoning campaigns on carnivore populations are discussed.


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