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The Food and Feeding Ecology of the Cattle Egret, Ardeola Ibis, When Nesting in South-East Queensland.

NG Mckilligan

Australian Wildlife Research 11(1) 133 - 144
Published: 1984


The food of the cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis (Ardeola ibis)) in south-eastern Queensland was determined from boluses regurgitated by advanced chicks over 3 breeding seasons and from the stomach contents of 21 adults. They ate a wide range of animals, mainly Acrididae (including Patanga guttulosa (Wlk.) (Austracris guttulosa) and Gastrimargus musicus (F.)), but also skinks, frogs, cicadas and spiders. They fed almost entirely on pastures, preferring moist to dry situations. Most fed in association with cattle, and pecked ticks (Boophilus microplus (Can.)) and flies (Lucilia sericata (Mg.)) directly off animals.


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