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Calibrating Aerial Surveys of Kangaroos by Comparison With Drive Counts

J Short and J Hone

Australian Wildlife Research 15(3) 277 - 284
Published: 1988


Densities of red and western grey kangaroos and euros were assessed by aerial survey and compared with densities obtained in the same area by drive counts. The survey area (12.1 km2) was long, narrow and sparsely vegetated. Lakes and a kangaroo-proof fence bounded the area on three sides facilitating the drive count. Densities from aerial surveys ranged between 38 and 54% of the corresponding drive counts for red kangaroos, between 15 and 23% for western grey kangaroos, and between 9 and 10% for euros. The time of morning at which the surveys were conducted altered these percentages. About twice as many red and western grey kangaroos were counted on aerial surveys at sunrise compared to surveys 3.5 h later.


© CSIRO 1988

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