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Road-Kills of the Swamp Wallaby, Wallabia-Bicolor, on North-Stradbroke-Island, Southeast Queensland

R Osawa

Australian Wildlife Research 16(1) 95 - 104
Published: 1989


A total of 127 road-kills of the swamp wallaby, Wallabia bicolor, on North Stradbroke Island in south-east Queensland was recorded between May 1981 and April 1982. The majority of kills were of adults. Road-kills occurred mainly at night, suggesting that W. bicolor is nocturnal, and were significantly correlated with the number of vehicles brought onto the island by ferries. Faecal pellet counts were made in classified habitats along the road in order to determine the relationship between the population density and road-kills of W. bicolor. Road-kills were significantly correlated with the faecal pellet counts in the Disturbed Ares (narrow, artificially cleared areas adjacent to the road) but not with the counts in the Native Area (i.e. native forest). This indicates that the wallabies were attracted to the disturbed area and became more susceptible to being killed by vehicles. There was no significant variation in the number of road-kills between lunar phases.


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