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Estimating Kangaroo Damage to Winter Wheat Crops in the Bungunya District of Southern Queensland.

A Barnes and GJE Hill

Wildlife Research 19(4) 417 - 427
Published: 1992


In Bungunya district, on the inland fringe of the winter wheat belt in SE Queensland, 2 approaches to estimate crop losses attributable to eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) were assessed during dry conditions. In 1986, an early-season survey established indices of kangaroo usage and crop damage within 250 m of paddock edges. The relationship between these data and final grain yield suggested a minimum reduction in yield associated with kangaroos of 8% for the district. In 1987, yields from exclusion and open plots were used to obtain a direct estimate of kangaroo-associated yield reductions. These indicated a difference in yield of between 10% and 17% for the study area, although not all of this may be associated with kangaroos. Results suggest significant crop losses attributable to kangaroos. However, because of the nature of the research and the assumptions relied upon, the findings provide a guide to the magnitude of losses rather than highly reliable estimate.


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