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Dingoes in Queensland, Australia: skull dimensions and the indenity of wild canids

PF Woodall, P Pavlov and KL Twyford

Wildlife Research 23(5) 581 - 587
Published: 1996


More than 100 canid skulls lodged in the Queensland Museum were measured and analysed to determine the frequency of dingoes, Canis lupus dingo, in some wild populations of canids in Queensland. The highest frequency of dingoes (95%) was found in a sample from Augathella, central Queensland, and the highest frequency of dogs and hybrids (50%) was found in south-eastern Queensland. Fraser Island had a relatively low frequency of hybrids (17%), which were largely confined to the southern half of the island. Skull measurements from Augathella were generally significantly larger than those from central Australia, but there were few significant differences in size within Queensland.


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